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Grammar Scanner is now accepting Guest Posts from Blogges!

Submit your submissions on grammarscannerofficial@gmail.com with the subject line – “Guest Blogging on Grammar Scanner

Kindly go through the guidelines given below before sending us your blog or topics for submissions

Blog Submission Guidelines

  • We only accept 100% unique content. We will be checking the content through Plagiarism Checker to ensure uniqueness.
  • The blog should be informative, clear and easy to read for the website visitors
  • The blog should be of more than 1000 words. 
  • You may also send images to complement with your blog.The photo must be copyright free.
  • Most Important, and it goes without saying that your post must be grammatically correct and well written.
  • Grammar Scanner reserves the right to edit and adapt your blog content where we see fit, as well as updating your post in the future to ensure accuracy and comprehensive coverage of the topic.

What are we looking for​

The topics should be centred around grammar, plagiarism, punctuation, spelling, content writing and other aspects of written English.

We will publish your content only if it follows our submission guidelines. The text may be casual in tone but must have a clear thesis statement, appropriate structure and unique voice. The topic should concern education and fields related to it. Do not write too much but also do not make it very short. Quality over quantity.

What we do not accept

  • Sales pitches or Press release content.
  • Plagiarised content.
  • Posts on topics that have already been covered on our website before.
  • Blogs and posts that are too promotional for our target audience.
  • Submissions must meet the writing/publishing team’s quality standards to get published.
  • We reserve the right of all your posts. You would not be allowed to publish anywhere else once the post is approved by us.

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We will ask for revisions when it’s not aligned with our purpose. Also, keep in mind that you’re trying to provide an easy-to-understand answer to the audience.

How to Submit Guest Blog

Please submit your blog and sample articles on grammarscannerofficial@gmail.com with the subject line as “Guest Posting for Grammar Scanner” as your subject.